Brief Introduction of ISOMERSYN
Founded in 2005, Beijing Isomersyn Technology Co.,Ltd . , a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise, specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing various fine chemical intermediates, material assistants, reagents and other organic chemicals, which are widely applied in different fields, including pharmacy, dyestuffs, functional materials, bioengineering, life science, membrane separation, etc. Beijing Isomersyn Technology Co ., Ltd has a laboratory, a chemical plants, over 80 special sets of installations for chemical production and nearly 100 staff members.

Since the company was established, over 1000 regular products have been manufctured. Our main products are dihydric alcohol(C5→C16);nucleotide; cis-octahydroisoindole; 2-amino-3-nitrobenzoic acid; 6-bromo-1-hexanol; 7-bromo-1-heptanol; 8-bromo-1-octanol; 9-bromo-1-nonanol; 10-bromo-1-decanol; 13-bromo-1-tridecanol; 14-bromo-1-tetradecanol; 15-bromo-1-pentadecanol; 16-bromo-1-hexadecanol; 1,10-dibromodecane; 1,11-dibromoundecane; 1,13-dibromotridecane; 1,14-dibromotetradecane; 1,15-dibromopentadecane; 1,16-dibromohexadecane; vinylene carbonate (VC, 1,3-Dioxo-2-one); 4-Azaindole; 5-Azaindole; 6-Azaindole; 3-Amino-4-methyl pyridine etc..

Our value-added benefits to customers include: prompt, reliable and thorough responses before, during and after order receipt; competitive price; timely delivery; and attentive after-sales-services. Our mission is to become a reliable world supplier in fine chemicals and custom manufacturing.